PRR , Philly to Pittsburgh

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I am working on a fictional PRR east to west route that is primarily to move coal. This route is greatly inspired by the southeastern to middle Pennsylvania RR line. But I am trying to make the route so any railroad could be run on it. I am trying to get back into content creation, as there a lot of PRR engines and stock not in trainz. Any comment are welcome. Matt

I had lost most of the work on this route, but was saved by an old hard drive . Reworking a major part of the route, but I'm hoping to have a partial release around Feb. of 2016

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Updated March 31st, 2022 at 04:19 PM by Railwoodman

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    It seems I have I've bitten off way more then I thought as to getting something to give as a finish route . But If anyone is is interested in a copy of this route, you can ask by PM . I would be happy to give it out as is, and input to what you thoughts of my work . It can't be put up on the DL , as I've used content the the creator's no longer wish to be uploaded .

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    Update ......... To anyone reading , My attempt to get a finished route in a time frame that I could in be in control of . Has failed . If anyone would like my route , please P M me for the latest version .

    Or leave a comment of what ya think .