Consolidating Routes

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[FONT=arial]As most of you know I'm a fictional route builder, if not, then now you know. When I had TS2009 I created multiple versions of the same routes because I didn't know how to update them but I have since learned. I don't play TS2009 anymore but I'll make one last stab at all of the routes on the DLS and they will be final. I hope someday I'll be able to go back and make the necessary changes on the maps for the 2009 version but the routes are sloppy at best and I'm going to make a much better looking route in the future. So please be patient and thank you for your understanding.[/FONT]
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  1. kissfan2012's Avatar
    Don't feel bad about how routes go, it comes with a lot of practice. I'm having the same with mine. I have built so many versions of it I lost count.