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  1. Cheers Dieselbuilder! That would be excellent! As I say on that thread, I used to just scroll past the old trams looking for modern ones but after yesterday, I've been after them! Downloaded a few but they were all faulty so I guess that was a waste of time
  2. Jack,

    I'll email you some pics I have of the Tram Museum here in Sydney. The metro area had a very extensive tram network in it's heyday until it ceased operation in the late 50's. I know you love the old trams!

  3. Jack,

    I replied to your last message but the Forum underwent a cyber attack this morning so pretty much everything from the last few days was wiped by N3V for protection. Just in case you didn't get my messages I'll let you know that I downloaded the 321 class and inserted the necessary lines into the config files and it works perfectly. I'm not sure if you know how to change assets in the files, but it's quite simple when you follow the steps and it's worth it to see the trains doing things prototypically! Helping out is no problem. I spent near two weeks getting this right for myself, (lots of issues to overcome) and although it's not nearly as hard or intricate as content creation, it's still good that in a small way I can help others.

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