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  1. Lataxe - please see my reply to you on General Trainz. Cheers. Neville_hill.
  2. Mr Hill,

    I've been playing about with your excellent Dearnby & Dearne on Sea routes, filling in the blank grid stuff, adding the two routes together and running hordes of portal-generated trains. Recently I added Darkdan's "UKSomewhere" route that you may have come across, also TANE'd up a bit and given that Dearne atmosphere, track, etc..

    When I've finished, I'd like to think about putting it on the DLS. (Darkdan's license says "do what you want" and I believe yours is along the same lines + acknowledgement, of course).

    But I thought it would be both courteous and generally a good idea to contact you first and ask if you might like to test my wee Frankenstein? The internet connection I have is currently a bit slow but I'm sure I could heave files over to you using a free file-sharing site from Google or whoever. (I think I have loadsa space on Amazon, as one of their PRIME members.......).

    Either way, I'd be very happy to hear from you.

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