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  1. updates with out this Kuis have been sent to the DLS last week but the DLs is having a brain fart and you just have to wait for them to pop up
  2. I've checked both my TS10 and TS12 installs and they don't have that kuid :/
  3. that kuid is a auran built in one - you might not have access to the area its stored on the dls - its the GG1 engine spec
  4. I'm missing this kuid for all the Sparkies Unknown Location: <kuid:-25:756>
    I have TS12.
  5. not at this stage - only a new C36 and 42 has been discussed for this year so far but i will rase the matter
  6. Just a question but do you and pete have plans for C34 steamer?
  7. if the green one works fine it not missing anything just a stuff up in the config - wil have a look and do an up date after i finish a database repair
  8. Hi bear missing this for the Black Z12
    Unknown Location: <kuid2:63971:51201:1>
  9. My apologies if i blamed you for a fault with some content.
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