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  1. I problably saw u. Did u see Mark Dinnauer's table
  2. Yes, it was this year.
  3. Was it this year? I was there and also last year and all the other years from about 05 or 06 several years in a row.
  4. I know of Warren Mcgee. I actually met him and bought one of his pictures at the swap meet in Livingston, and also saw his travelling picture exhibit at the depot in Red Lodge 2 years ago.
  5. hey,
    I went 2 ur website and noticed u like Ron V Nixon's photos. Just a quick question have u ever heard of Warren McGee as I think its spelled. He also was a photographer of the NP, GN, UP & SP&S. I actually know him except he is now blind. He used to work for the NP.
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