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  1. Hey can I ask you for a favor and help me find these subway cars?
  2. You're right, I confused the Moscow - Malyoslavets with the Moscow Metro. I did check though and the original instructions will work. It will download as a a RAR file. Just unRAR everything using WinRAR (be sure you got it from Rarlabs.com though - there are lots of shady clones of software out there.) There are 3 CDP files of interest. Just extract them to a temporary folder and import into CMP. There is also a text file of kuids used and a folder with some sort of executable program alled Informator. I really haven't checked that so I wouldn't click on that folder or anything in it. You may need to download the loco from here:

  3. OK Take your time. But that link you post is about Moscow Suburban Railways not the Metro if Im correct. I have my laptop with my while im on this trip to Connecticut and than to Dubai.
  4. I have to look into this. I have them but not installed them yet. I think they are different lines of the Moscow Metro.
  5. I downloaded mine from http://railroadsim.net/ru/downloads/.../subway/routes . The third route route
  6. I think it was for the older version of Moscow — Maloyaroslavets, which is the one you mentioned. Fortunately, it looks like there is a newer version out, see here:


    Seems now you don't have to go through all the trouble you did with older versions. And, it looks like content is optimized for TS2010 versus TS12. Give it a try. If you run into trouble, shoot me a PM. I want to look into this update but have to go to sleep tonight. If I remember, I'll let you know of any issues I run in to, but I tend to forget sometimes!
  7. Is the intructions you gave me are for the Moscow GZl route?
  8. Get WinRAR from rarlabs.com, install and run it, and find MoscowMetro.exe (I forget the exact name and I think it has Cyrillic letters in it anyway). Click Extract and point it to a temporary folder. This way, you don't have to run the EXE which is sketchy at best. Try importing the extracted content through CMP's File->Import Content option. If anything fails to import, it will probably be a CDP file with Cyrillic letters, or at least starting with them. Rename the file with letters from the English alphabet (you don't have to be accurate, since the temporary files will just get deleted anyway.) Try importing again.
  9. Can u help me with the Moscow Metro, on how to install it, becuase it wont let me install it correctly. I heard that there is a trick, do u know what it is.
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