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  1. Hi!!! I saw this message just today. Sorry for that late. Of course I am interesed to publish my map with all contents on Your site!!!
    You just have to download everything from: http://stacjazary.pl/viewpage.php?page_id=31
    That is site from my friend - zgred. He let me publish my route on his site. When You will publish my route, just send me link. then I will share with everybody
    Thx again!

  2. Hello, I am the administrator of http://www.spaintrainzrutas.com/, i have just learned that it needsm,a web , to publish a path of his own high-quality, we have media and is a wen judged without traffic and great storage capacity if you are interested in publishing just let me know.

    Take care.

    Jordi (Kaur)
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