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  1. You beat me too making the west trenton line haha! Ill just start making the airport line! How far did you get?
  2. It's in the loco's hornsound. Open the hornsound in CMP and look for a file called idle.wav (it might have a number after it.) Replace it with a bell of your liking.

    AFAIK, subway cars don't use bells, nor do m.u.'s.
  3. I have a question, how do u change the bell sound of a subway car. Like the DC Car from trainzcommuterrail. How do U change the bell sound. Please help me .
  4. ALSO, the pack you gave me doesn't have the RDG Catenary. But thats ok tho
  5. OK thanks. Take your time. Well its basically for my fictional route. My route is going to be fictional in this town Logan City The route is from Logan City to Harrisburg and than to NYC (I'll have to make the Keystone Corridor ).
  6. Hey, you know where I can fine some PRR Reading Catenary I think. If Im correct. Something like this http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k...2394corrsm.jpg or whatever. I'm asking you because you know alot about the SEPTA and PRR stuff and catenary. Everyone else doesnt know.
  7. I need Jesus right now /.\ but that's okay I'm just going to use the Moscow trains. The rolling stock I will use is the 81-717.5 and I'm downloading the Budapest metro ECS when I get home. Just look under the post where I said I'm back. I'm going to be more active on that blog now
  8. Thats ok, I havent been on for 3+ days also.

    1) The original subways cars I was looking for was the Budapest Subway Cars but now I don't want those anymore.

    2) What I really want is those new Bombardier Movia 346 cars on the Bucharest Metro. Unfortunately I have to pay for them. My mom and dad said they are not going to pay for them because they said "were dealing with buying things in Europe". But I heard that someone is giving away for free for download until Feb 1, 2013? Is that true -_-
  9. Hi. Sorry, been away for the last week. What subway cars?
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