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  1. good news kuid2:9310290:2 is an easy fix as per my posy in aussie screen shots there is a bug in the make new version system and it add in new build number to many kuids
    it should be kuid2:9310290:1

    the bad news is that after sp1 update all the default kuids on your system change which means what id the default wagon engine spec on my machine is kuid-25:42 - wish this was a warming on this this = what it means you need to change them all locally on your pc to what every the default wagon engine spec is and also means all new release are going to have to be for SP! only -

    there is a full posting on this in aussie screen shpts
  2. Just to let you know, that I got none of your recent uploads to work in TS12 Is this because my machine was not updated? Each time I try to load SP1 0n it fails, and I gave up on it
    Error: Dependency <kuid:-25:42> is unknown. This is the common "breaker"
    Error: Dependency <kuid2:30671:9310290:2> is unknown.

    Rod (comtrain)
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