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  1. Hi eldavo sorry to bother you but did u get me email recently if so feel free to reply if you have the time.

    thank you
  2. Is it possible to do either a class 66 with a diesel fuel consumption or a HST 125 with fuel consumption on your site as really want these with the fuel use system.
  3. Hi David,

    Do you have an email address I can send. the License to?
  4. I was wondering i i could have a custom licence to activate the bonus content features if possible for your bonus content on your site.
  5. I'm very sorry for me keep contacting you so many times i hope you will forgive me eldavo and I am an impatient person and my apologies as i want to know a delivery date for my purchase that's all after that i will not contact u again.

    kind regards

    David Singh
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