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  1. Hi pfx.

    Chris (nawlins) here with my CRG hat on. I was checking the N3V faulty assets list (FAL) and found an asset of yours. Bogie IE Class 071,<kuid:298788:100406>

    I checked it out and it seems that the DLS assigned a "Third Party" designation to it which makes it not possible for the Game Content Managers to find it.

    Why it does this is a mystery but it happens quite often. Not your fault.

    The fix is to raise the kuid number and re-upload to the DLS.

    In my capacity as a member of the CRG I can do this for you and upload it to the DLS in your name if you'd like. I'm happy to do it.

    You can, of course, choose to make the changes yourself. Please let me know.

    Chris (nawlins)
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