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  1. inprr - Talk about a late reply from me (almost 4 years )...

    Honestly, I'll leave it up to him to decide...

    I had pretty much shelved Trainz for the last couple of years as I was dealing with personal issues and it didn't help that my Trainz game install was broken and I didn't feel like fixing it. I did tryi to get back into the game when TANE was released, but that proved futile.

    Now that things have settled down, though, I'm trying to get back into the groove. I've fixed most of the problems I had with TANE and it seems to be stable. Whether or not I'll go back and fix all my broken CDPs, I'm not entirely sure. That's assuming n8phu hasn't fixed them already (still trying to catch up on the last 5 years). I didn't see any pending messages from him, so I'm assuming no...?

    Anyways, I'll probably be lurking around for a while before I start posting things (assuming I don't go and disappear again).
  2. n8phu is wondering if you want them on the DLS
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