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    Good SR Content

    yeah by any chance do you have the Bulleid pacifics planned? I adore the LNER A3 and P2 models you made

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    Good SR Content

    yeah i have your King Arthur models for T:ANE. they're very good. I wish i had the S15's and SECR N's but not compatible for T:ANE

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    Good SR Content

    Ive got a few bits and pieces of SR content on the DLS and have more planned. Some is TANE compatible (C8, 700 class, T3, King Arthur) but much is TS19

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    Good SR Content

    Also I hear lielestosbrat was working on an unrebuilt Merchant Navy class. whatever happened to that?

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    Good SR Content


    My favorite of the Pre-BR big four is the Southern Region. There is a lot of good SR content on the download station like the West

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    Trains randomly derailing

    I've had this happen. went to the section of track and tried to delete that section by the normal means of deleting any track. The problem was that the

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    Show off your reskins!

    The problem is, they're not CNW units. They don't have the iconic gong bell in the front so it wouldn't look right. Also, what I meant by "only ones

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    Screenshots of European Trains

    Best Regards and please stay healthy.

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    Screenshots of European Trains

    Not exactly, the coal cars you have there are private-owned re-builts used in the 2000s and 2010s, while the state railways Tr203 class was removed from

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    True. But you build the display yourself. Each little building block contains a segment of track, or a switch, or a buffer end, or a piece of track with

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    GMax and 3DSMax (And any other modeling program) screenies/renders


    No one won't help me.. That's annoying!


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    Ah thanx didn't notice that.

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