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    If you ask the helpdesk nicely they will provide a link to the legacy downloads, least they have on a couple of occasions.

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    MY content has been ripped off gain - dear Mr Billvu please stop

    I'm sorry to hear that this is still a problem. Such thoughtless behavior.

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    Norm Hart

    I have also enjoyed his posts/screenshots.

    I have sent Norm an email last night but as yet I have have not had a reply. I do hope he is

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    Norm Hart

    I too enjoyed his posts. Here's hoping for the best for him and his family.

    And thanks to the folks who pass on what they know.

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    Trainz2012 is still available via Amazon to purchase and download. Note that it is a 6.1 GB file, perhaps not an easy download for some.

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    I just installed from those files under Win7 without a problem. As I recall you have to have a large amount of free space in your temp folder as each

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    UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

    #3180 That is a great screenshot evilcrow. Love the way you composed the screenshot.

    #3109 Terriers! and on Hayling island too. I've

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    The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images

    CN with a CSX unit as part of the train


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    If you want to stick to Japanese stuff why don't you take a crack at some of the tourist trains? There are so many? Whether you go for something elaborate

    Prince271088 Today, 02:30 PM Go to last post

    Screenshots of Model Railways based in the British Isles

    No, they have been created and updated over the years. The Vale of Talynog in fact began in 2012 in Trainz 2010. I just decided on a whim to show shots

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    Does Nippon Sapporo count? The South Shore Commuter trains made by them do kinda look like the trains on the Kyushu Island.

    Railshuttle Today, 01:11 PM Go to last post

    Screenshots of European Trains

    Greetings, Epo!

    I did not see this coming... One of the most impressive... thing I have ever seen in Trainz.


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