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    Simple Train Sim Survey

    Well "Train Spotters" are a totally different breed to "Plane Spotters". In my experience more fanatical and they tend to "count

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    My Created Route Content Is 'Not Loading'

    The thumbnail is usually from the first save, probably a blank board or a blank area if you haven't done much. You can create a new one by editing the

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    My Created Route Content Is 'Not Loading'

    Hi guy's, I have a route I am working on, tested it all works fine! The issue I am having is when I load the game and navigate to the 'Route' thumbnail

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    Car Asset Clone Help

    Try adding the rotation line to the mesh-table. It should rotate the car 180 degrees around the z axis.


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    Car Asset Clone Help

    Hi everyone, me again and loving all your support. SailorDan helped me with adding more cars and how to clone and change the config.txt file for any car

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    TrainzForge City/Cascades Bogeys

    That's because they aren't made for Trainz mobile, and according to your timeline, you only own the mobile versions

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    Australian screenshots

    Back to the 1950s when Redfern Station had a pedestrian walkway attached to the western end. I happened to find this old photo and naturally, it inspired

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    USA Pics

    A LE&E local rolls past class S-2 Northern number 2248, idling with a westbound passenger train at Port Lexington. It's 1954, and by this time all

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    1960 Darlington - Up Summer Saturday Relief

    Northeast England during the steam era. Darlington station in the summer of 1960. 60526, A2 Class 4-6-2 Sugar Palm is at the head of a Summer Saturday

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    Trainz videos

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    USA Pics


    My version of Eagle River is not much changed from the stock version, I replaced the trees and added some TPTC scenery but that is

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    USA Pics

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