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    T:ANE SP4

    Post #5 is right: I have to think really hard to see these improvements or bug fixes. Having said that, all we can do is make a few notes based on our

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    Multiplayer Surveyor

    You're welcome. I lurk a lot in other forums, but I've been here forever even before the forum crash in 2006. I come here every day.


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    Multiplayer Surveyor


    I’ve been lurking for a while and have had Trainz since the original.

    Recently started a fairly sizable route and

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    Considering Retiring My HO Scale Layout and going all Trainz

    One thing to remember, if you start building routes, don't expect them to immediately look like the great ones that are out there. This is an art, not

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    T:ANE SP4

    If you’re asking what features TANE-SP4 improves or bugs it fixes, I failed to get a meaningful answer to these questions. Apparently it’s

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    Multiplayer Surveyor

    Multiplayer is already here and has been here since TRS2010, or about 12 years ago now. Multiplayer Surveyor will be here eventually. I alpha-tested the

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    PRR Screenshots

    Ok , I'll say it .. Whitepass . Another fantastic addition to the PRR family . I'm just sorry I don't have 2019 yet . It's a must have . And I'm dying

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    USA Pics

    Winter switching on the Progressive Line

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    PRR Screenshots

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    Screenshots of European Trains

    Swedish class E10 steamlocomotive resting on a siding.

    I was not the only one looking at this beautiful locomotive this afternoon..

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    New Aircraft

    Another nice bird , Pascal , always surprised by your work ...

    Friendly, Marc

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    USA Pics

    I also agree and hope to see more.


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