• Announcing Trainz: A New Era Community Edition

    Today we announce that Trainz: A New Era will be available on both PC & Mac in early 2015.

    We want to thank the community for their exceptional ongoing support. Community is at the heart of Trainz, and is very much a part of the Trainz experience.

    In 2001, we released the Trainz Community Edition – which was an early access version available for online order. Now we have the T:ANE Community Edition, an in-depth sneak peek for all of our supporters in the community.

    We’re happy to announce that starting in December, if you've pre-ordered with Simulator Central or pledged via Kickstarter, you’ll receive access to Trainz: A New Era Community Edition – a specially made early access version. This allows us to deliver the best possible Trainz experience, and lets you, the community, have an early in-depth look at what Trainz: A New Era will be.

    The Community Edition is a full working edition of Trainz: A New Era available to you while we put the final bug fixing, polish, and optimizations together, and will update fully to the full release of Trainz: A New Era in early 2015. More information will be available as we get closer to December 2014.

    - The Trainz Team
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    1. ZecMurphy's Avatar
      ZecMurphy -
      Hi Aussepom
      Due to the large size of newer content, we made the decision with Trainz Simulator 12 to only include new content in Trainz. All earlier content from TS2010 (minus the 'new' routes that were in TS2010) was placed on the Download Station. We have carried this on with Trainz: A New Era, and we will be working out release details for TS12 content closer to release.

      There are, however, still a decent number of steam locomotives included with T:ANE to get you started, and then further steam locomotives can be downloaded.

      In regards to the DLC packs, these will be made available for Trainz: A New Era with the final release in February. We need to do some work on these to ensure that they work correctly in T:ANE (at least to work with the updated DLC system)

      Please note, if content is faulty, it will not work in T:ANE. This is the same as with TS12, as we no longer provide 'compatibility mode' for faulty content. Most content has updates on the Download Station, and we recommend that you download the content fresh from the Download Station to ensure you have the latest versions. The Community Edition is not the final release, and some content may show incorrectly in-game. We have, however, improved some error checking and some content may still be faulty, but this is a much smaller amount than with previous editions (or should be in the final release).

    1. aussepom's Avatar
      aussepom -
      Hi ZecMuphy
      Thanks for that, well if we with this early release do testing as well, then report here it should help us all.
      My brother has been with trainz from the start, he has 2010 as well we both have large layouts, he is all steam, I have both. I have been building up a full layout of all the lines that were in Tasmania, streets and highways, I have to use old maps to do this and there these been months of work on this. I uploaded the lay out most worked but there are some problems, it is as you say probably compatibility. How ever I will try and see if I can repair and use the Tane components from then on. So I can down load steam trains that are compatible with Tane, ok some help on this would be good, I will see what I can do. When I do the transfer it comes up error free, but content is missing.
      Now I will have to check out the roads and highways in this edition. thank you.
    1. aussepom's Avatar
      aussepom -
      hi again Zec I have now upgraded my first class ticket, do you know yet how to find out what content is compatible.
    1. aussepom's Avatar
      aussepom -
      Ok it seems that none of the older trainz cannot be used unless some one on this forum can do it.
      quote here Unfortunately, from the 1st of September 2014, we have ended support for Trainz Simulator 2010 and older (TS2010, TS2009, TC3, TC1/2, TRS2006, TRS2004, UTC (Trainz Ultimate Collection), Trainz 1.3) due to their age (4 years, and older - 4-5 years for TRS2010), and as such we no longer provide technical support for these editions, as well as support for any online function of these editions of Trainz software (including the download station).
      As such, we will not be testing any changes/updates to the Download Station with unsupported editions of Trainz. In this case, you will need to access the download station via the DLS website, using the 'FTP' link on the 'download page' of the item on the Download Station website ( http://www.auran.com/TRS2004/DLS.php ). However, please keep in mind that the specific method you will need to use to access the DLS in future may also change. If you have not registered a supported edition of Trainz in your account, then you will also require a First Class Ticket to be able to access the download station in future, and to be able to use the search functions on the Download Station website.

      Please see the following for further information on the Trainz Life-Cycle Policy: http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/i...e-Cycle_Policy

      If you are experiencing issues with an unsupported edition of Trainz, then we would recommend that you try asking for assistance on our forums, which can be found here: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/ end of qote

      so, do what I am going to do, load the track layouts that I have spent months on, import them into TANE, you will find that most of you track and some things may not load, so delete them, track, insert a new spline just away from the crook part then delete, reconnect from the TANE track., where there are white outs, it seems the only way here is to make sure what that section use to look like and delete it. then you may have to add a new section block and re do the part using TANE . I have already started on one, it will be hard. For those of use tha bought extra locos such as the Duchees and coranation scott etc they go in but are not use able, NV3 from information I have been told they are trying to get them for when the main release is done. I hope that we get a free down load for those of use that have paid already for them.
    1. S301's Avatar
      S301 -
      Hi Aussepom
      As T:ANE is not a finished/final release, please keep in mind that the appearance of content can change up till the final release. As such, whilst some content may not work correctly now, much of it should do so (unless faulty) after release. The same goes for DLC packs, which will be available at, or shortly after (if they need further work) the final release.

      Please do use T:ANE to work on content, so as to get a feel for some of the new tools, and to report any issues you see with T:ANE. However, please ensure that you do keep backups of your routes/etc if working on them in T:ANE.

    1. peeet2005's Avatar
      peeet2005 -
      I installed TANE CE and so far it works. I just have a problem with the resolution. I set to full screen 1920x1080 and all objects and trains are disproportionately stretched. Is it possible to change it?
      The TS12 was all OK on the full screen.
    1. hansvdstroom's Avatar
      hansvdstroom -
      Is there anyone who can tell me how to get the proper buttons back in TANE? Please see the picture. This is the case in the complete application everywhere.

    1. Jasher's Avatar
      Jasher -
      I have installed and attempted to run the existing routes in the TANE: Community Edition. Not very impressive to say the least. Although I may be having some issues with the setup. I will over the holidays know more of what is wrong.

      The graphics do look great, but my issue finds the routes are Jerky to a point of having as much as a full second between movement. This in itself I find surprising as this is a new graphics engine which is supposed to handle the graphics much better. I have 16 gig of RAM, and it indicates a very low usage of ram, CPU is operating at less percentage of usage than TS12 but TS12 runs a lot smoother than the Community Edition. Anyone else having this problem?
    1. martinvk's Avatar
      martinvk -
      But what GPU do you have and are the drivers up to date?
    1. Jasher's Avatar
      Jasher -
      Yup all drivers are up to date. However I did re-download the TANE file, from the Australian site, which they recommended NOT to do, and the file downloaded in much less time, and the intallation went without any major problems. The routes run smooth and everything that is supposed to work does, with the exception of a few minor issues which I will assume they will be fixed before final release.

      The issues that remain, are minor at this point, but will be major if not fixed in the final release. Example:The remove missing assets option hang once started and will hang there till the end of time.

      There is also a window which opens up when you load up TRAINZ, which indicates files to download, beginning with the letters SC. The downloads work, and it indicates it is installing but that remains forever. This I allowed to run overnight, and in the morning it was still hung up on Installing.

      I am sure there will be more minor problems, but so far I like what I see. Although as someone stated before, there is a lack of American/Canadian Loco's, we shall overcome.
    1. aussepom's Avatar
      aussepom -
      After a reload from the global down load sever, there are still some problems, a Balleratt member had problems with down loading from the Australian sever, as I did hence the re loading.

      we have the oil processing plant as in 2010, but no oil field to get our oil from.
      when going to over right a project, it freezes, you have to go to task manager to shut it down, fortunately the game is saved most times.

      I still have the 'not starting from the desk to icon' or the actual exe, after closing the game, not every time.

      I tried to run the kx to Edinburgh, go bored pushing the bell, by the way this from a real English train driver you do not have to acknowledge, all only some situations.

      there is also and could be a problem, it is not the true flying Scotsman, now there could be a breach here of trade mark name, my contact and long player of the game is reporting to York on this matter. When NV3 games, did the replica in the 2010 and may have paid for the use of this for the game, and you had to buy it, I did, now why did they not use that one, I know that this track representation was not made by the NV3 games but it did accept it to be used as a rout. So will some one please put this straight. easy fix put the 2010 one into the game.
      The same goes for the Mallards.
      One thing that I did notice, there was considerable detail in the track at the different town locations, I checked against the real lines, this then is a plus. some tunnels you could see the sky, there is a lot more but I will not bore you, it has been said many thousands of hours went into this, so this is another point to make, many of us get enjoyment in building these routs, now fine that we can not get them into TANE, not a good move.
      I will continue to try and build, but with only old stuff in TANE to work with, and not much to pick from, then it will look crappy. so I will only do the line layout and hope that I can still use it.
      How many more of you are experiencing the same problems?
    1. Jasher's Avatar
      Jasher -
      Ok, This is not about TANE I don't think, but while messing around with creating a route, I discovered something quite hilarious. One of the assets that comes with TANE, the Union Pacific 0-6-0, has what is either elastic man acting as the fireman, or he is a total Alien. Take a close look at him, you will find it hilarious.

      The george washington coaches all have the same problem, they bring about a whole new meaning to the term of rotating wheels. It appears the all the axles are rotating around the bolsters, if you attach a locamotive to them and move them slowly, it is very obvious. When moving forward quickly it looks like a bad attempt a making the wheels appear to rotate.
    1. Jasher's Avatar
      Jasher -
      I have finally managed to get a working installation, and am enjoying what I see so far. I have run into some kinks, but I am sure they will be ironed out before release time. I also looked up the requirements for a computer to run TANE, but for some reason they are not available. Or at least I couldn't find them. What or where are they?

      Also what is the use of the TRAINZUTIL, and what are the command line options.
    1. shaneturner12's Avatar
      shaneturner12 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jasher View Post
      I have finally managed to get a working installation, and am enjoying what I see so far. I have run into some kinks, but I am sure they will be ironed out before release time. I also looked up the requirements for a computer to run TANE, but for some reason they are not available. Or at least I couldn't find them. What or where are they?

      Also what is the use of the TRAINZUTIL, and what are the command line options.
      Have a look in the Hardware Discussion in the Trainz: A New Era + Kickstarter forum for the system requirements.

    1. Fonzzy's Avatar
      Fonzzy -
      Its now Dec 2015 and I still cant build a route. after a couple of hours TANE just dissapears back to my desktop. When I retun and load auto save just a blank screen appears.?
    1. clam1952's Avatar
      clam1952 -
      Try looking at the forum proper rather than a 12 month old Comments thread. http://forums.auran.com/trainz/forum...ra-Kickstarter Beta test for SP1 is in progress which should or rather has solved many problems.