• TS12 SP1 Hotfix 2 now available.

    N3V is proud to announce the release of our second hotfix for TS12 SP1.

    The following fixes are included in this hotfix:
    - Speedtrees no longer disappear/corrupt when alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode.
    - Added option to turn off menu sounds.
    - Fixed a crash that can occur during copy/paste in Surveyor.
    - Fixed a possible long stall when creating a new route in Surveyor.
    - Improved texture replacement to prevent black smudges/sink holes.
    - Fixed a hang when editing a specific map.
    - Cylinder Drain effects should work again.
    - Keyboard controls for texture radius work again.
    - Horn sound fixed in Railyard.
    - Surveyorlist now stores saved consists for use via Quickdrive.
    - Fixed CPP mesh preview window.
    - Fixed some issues when attempting to connect a spline in an invalid location.
    - Improved Trainz Patcher progress bar.
    - Assorted sound fixes.

    The manual patch can be downloaded here: http://download.ts2009.com/patch/57825_to_57898.exe (29,375 KB)

    The automatic patch will be available soon.

    As always, please ensure you have any Antivirus/System Monitoring software disabled during this patch.

    Please note that we are still working on other fixes that will be included in upcoming hotfixes across the next few weeks. We are currently testing fixes for several issues, including various patching and performance issues.
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    1. pdkoester's Avatar
      pdkoester -
      Looking forward to more improvements. Thank you for this. Now my trainz experience is better, pop ups and such are cured!

      Look here if you run into a problem with some assets throwing this error...



      If you have some third party assets (items with headlights) that project a different color of light after editing, you should look at this:


      So far, it has been RRMods products, please read that link if you have the "dying yellow headlight" syndrome.

    1. clam1952's Avatar
      clam1952 -
      Patch downloaded and installed, took 4 minutes to patch and progress bar seems to now be working a lot better.
    1. shaneturner12's Avatar
      shaneturner12 -
      Something I have noticed is that the patcher still requires manual selection of the correct folder if it attempts to patch the wrong folder.


      P.S. It may be worth querying the Registry for the correct folder, as TS12 stores it's information there including the build version).
    1. clam1952's Avatar
      clam1952 -
      Terrain rendering appears to have been fixed, SpeedTrees seem ok now in DirectX, no longer vanishing on minimise to desktop and no sign of Tree ENT, CCP preview of mesh working. Menu sound off works, so far so good and heading the right way.
    1. shaneturner12's Avatar
      shaneturner12 -
      Indeed. I have found a possible glitch though, and it's relating to TADDaemon running during the start of the patch process and causing File in Use errors if it does not terminate quickly enough.

    1. ish6's Avatar
      ish6 -
      Hopefully a fix for the freezing issue when One launches T12 after content is installed, and one let's T12 to automatically committs via launching --- screen remains black, keyboard lights stop working, thus forcing a PC system restart, in the future!

    1. pflindley's Avatar
      pflindley -
      The patch has been installed successfully. Initially the wrong folder was selected, but when this was amended, the time taken was around 10 minutes.

      Many thanks to N3V,

    1. rumour3's Avatar
      rumour3 -
      Trying to download at the moment but no joy connecting- server down, perhaps? Edit: I was trying for about 20 mins and then it came to life almost immediately after posting this...

    1. shaneturner12's Avatar
      shaneturner12 -
      The server is indeed down at the moment - I'm about to post about it.


      EDIT: Looks like it's come back up.
    1. JEB114's Avatar
      JEB114 -
      Thank You for all your hard work.....
    1. nugget2225's Avatar
      nugget2225 -
      thanks guys, patched up and seems to be smoother already
    1. nawlins's Avatar
      nawlins -
      Thanks for this patch N3V. Most of my issues have been resolved. The only one that I can identify that is still a problem is the sound in Surveyor. Or should I say lack of sound. It is possible to make it work if I take a shot of the screen using and external grabber like the windows snip tool. Sound suddenly works beautifully.

    1. Dron09's Avatar
      Dron09 -
      when will be russian or steam versions of SP1 ?
    1. Engineerkenny's Avatar
      Engineerkenny -
      here is an error I had when I clicked new train..... Unknown : Thread Exception: ER_NullReference, line 778, file quickdrivebrowser.gs (6)
    1. celje's Avatar
      celje -
      the Patch 57898 was installed but after starting the game, only icon of Railyard is shown. What to do to open the routes and saved sessions? Is it possible to return to the previous hotfix(57825)?
    1. richardbogner's Avatar
      richardbogner -
      No Problems after QDR
    1. jimabbey's Avatar
      jimabbey -
      Round and round Where She Stops, nobody Knows.........Here we go again!
    1. celje's Avatar
      celje -
      Quote Originally Posted by celje View Post
      the Patch 57898 was installed but after starting the game, only icon of Railyard is shown. What to do to open the routes and saved sessions? Is it possible to return to the previous hotfix(57825)?

      I made defrag and QDR without success, then i restore computer on the erlier checkpoint, it showed 57625, all icons were there, except icon Select Route was missing. So i decided to return to the last checkpoint and now everything work correctly, finaly.
      What a wonderful world we have with TS.
    1. ATSF854's Avatar
      ATSF854 -
      Awesome a fix to the sinkholes! One of the larger issues that I hated
    1. JEB114's Avatar
      JEB114 -
      Thank You again, Just a note Did not fix the sound problem. still dropping.
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