• Trainz Driver is On Sale

    Trainz Driver is on sale this week for both
    iOS and Android

    It’s time to pack all that horsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver with you everywhere you go.

    Trainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the “Easy Mode” speed controls, or the more advanced “Realistic Mode” control system. With multiple camera options you can fly alongside your favorite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from the trackside. All while you interact with industries and passenger stations!

    Trainz Driver lives up to its name well.” – 148apps.com

    This game is great, enjoying the many missions so far.” – Steve Thomas, Google Play.

    Wonderful, Best train simulator.” – Isaac Krisko, Google Play.
    Get it now on:

    And if you’re new to Trainz Driver, check out the trailer here!

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    1. coolmann75's Avatar
      coolmann75 -
      why only english? pls update GERMAN and more (Multilanguage) Thanks.
    1. epa's Avatar
      epa -
      I made the foolish mistake of getting this when it was $5...
    1. lusche's Avatar
      lusche -

      es ist ja kaum zu glauben,die stellen patches zur verfügung die mit der vorhandenen instalation nicht kompatibel ist.

      gr. e.dreher
    1. Ziggytrax's Avatar
      Ziggytrax -
      0.99$ turned into $3.17 in iTunes. Anything that begins with "i" SUCKS!
    1. parrthd1's Avatar
      parrthd1 -
      Whatever happened to updating Trainz for iPad?! I would love To See N&W 611 put in there or in an update to trainz for mac along with the Powhatin Arrow (Excuse Spelling) It would be a nice addition. Maybe more Steam in Trainz or mac kind of like Trainz 2006. Not enough American/Canadian steam. Just a bunch of cars, Diesels, And foreign steamers that have diesel controls in cab mode!!! Including the cab of the QR PB15 Instead of realistic cabs!!! NEEDS MORE UPDATES!!! QUIT SLACKING!!! WHAT DO YOU PAY YOUR WORKERS TO DO?!?! SIT AROUND ALL DAY?!?! NO!!! TO MAKE US AND YOU HAPPY!!! -My rant is over.