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    Brisbane, Australia – 11th May 2018

    N3V Games today announced that the next version of their long running Trainz franchise will officially launch in Q4, 2018. Titled “Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019” this version will deliver more realism, more features and more content than ever before, with Early Access becoming available from July 2018.

    To celebrate this announcement, N3V Games is offering the full “Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder Edition” FREE to all subscribers to the Trainz Newsletter.

    This massive giveaway offer will enable train fans from all around the world the opportunity to experience the world of Trainz with this unlimited, fully featured version.

    To access the TS2009 Giveaway, simply visit ts2009.trainzportal.com/free and follow the prompts.

    To keep in touch with every Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 announcement, visit trs2019.trainzportal.com/comingsoon

    Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS2019) will feature the Rocky Mountaineer, giving users the opportunity to experience one of the world's most scenic rail journeys without leaving their home.

    TRS2019 will ship supporting multiple languages, and will be released via major digital online retailers Steam, Trainz Portal, and Mac App Store, as well as traditional physical retailers throughout the world.

    Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 builds upon the technology of Trainz A New Era and introduces new graphical capabilities with “Physically-Based Rendering” delivering more realistic lighting and texturing.

    The N3V Games development team have also been working closely with over a thousand beta testers continuously updating the core “TANE” engine and game systems to ensure the game operates better than ever before. Much of this work involves ensuring backwards compatibility with the enormous custom content base that Trainz is famous for (with over 450,000 items and still counting) allowing users to import their existing content and immediately take advantage of the new graphical features.
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    1. amigacooke's Avatar
      amigacooke -
      Interesting as always, though I am worried by the subscription issue.
    1. Tony_Hilliam's Avatar
      Tony_Hilliam -
      Casanova419/Vern (and others with similar concerns) - here's a rundown on how things have panned out over the past 4.5 years since TANE Kickstarter was announced.
      * With Kickstarter, we announced a plan to develop a new game engine and build upon the already (at that time) nearly 15 years of code
      * We promised the new engine would bring new capabilities and take advantage of new hardware
      * Many saw that to mean that all the content would instantaneously become next-generation too
      * With TANE we ported much of the original TANE code and rewrote many of the systems
      * In the 3 years since the 2015 release we've been improving the engine, adding features and identifying and squashing bugs and releasing these as free updates to TANE
      * We've simulataneously been creating new systems for TRS2019
      * Many of the engine components have been tested through the TrainzDev build
      * The next step is external testing of the "game code" for TRS2019, but the vast majority of that code has been rigorously tested via the TANE updates

      The result of all this effort is that the next release of Trainz will be unlike any previous release. TANE was a release with a brand new engine, while TRS2019 is a release upon an engine that has been hardened and improved over the years. We've added new shaders, lighting and texturing systems on top. Then there's a long list of other under-the-hood technical stuff, plus a bunch of soon-to-be-announced game features.

      In terms of base game operation, TRS2019 builds upon predominantly the same code base as TANE and has therefore undergone probably 100,000 hours more testing than any other Trainz release to date (and that number is likely to be way too low as we don't measure how long each user plays, only how many install the beta versions).

      So as Saieditor said:
      Well, with all the beta testing and releases gone on in T:ANE, I suspect we have something to look forward to.
    1. Tony_Hilliam's Avatar
      Tony_Hilliam -
      interesting as always, though I am worried by the subscription issue.
      As we've said previously, nothing changes for those who wish to purchase the old way, meaning the only thing you can be worried about is missing out on a better deal through subscription
    1. CeeBee's Avatar
      CeeBee -
      Look forward to the release. I see the Rockey mountaineer from my deck or window most every time it goes by. Should be fun driving it.
    1. cascaderailroad's Avatar
      cascaderailroad -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Hilliam View Post
      ... the next release of Trainz will be unlike any previous release. TANE was a release with a brand new engine, while TRS2019 is a release upon an engine that has been hardened and improved over the years.
      Is this reverting back to the old Jet Engine, or a brand new hardened and improved Jet Engine ?

      Is there a video of the new game ?
    1. wilts747's Avatar
      wilts747 -
      I'm quite looking forward to TRS2019 as I was given my first copy of Trainz, 12 years ago next week and can't say I've been disappointed with any of the subsequent releases since. I admit I've been frustrated by Trainz on numerous occasions but that can be said about many things in life and most issues get resolved sooner or later. Good luck.
    1. ourense's Avatar
      ourense -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Hilliam View Post
      Congratulations trainman7616. Our artist must be left-handed

      With an eye for detail and a love of trains, you've earned yourself an invitation to our closed beta testing (so keep an eye out on your inbox).

      If only I saw that before he mentioned it
    1. logybear's Avatar
      logybear -
      Okay...Everything about the locomotive is completely incorrect. They should look like this:

      Or like this one...
    1. RailFan500CA's Avatar
      RailFan500CA -
      Looking good! My laptop will have to run this on low settings then... I hope I can get a pre-order.
    1. nickrailfan's Avatar
      nickrailfan -
      Overall this sounds amazing, I'm really excited to see what you've been cooking up since T:ANE. I've got high hopes for this and I'm sure I won't be disappointed in the least.
      Now about the engine...

      I still can't get over the cab dimensions on that thing. Honestly it looks like one if those Kennecott Copper GP39-2s with the rest of the hood brought up to match it.

      I also noticed the nose herald on a standard cab unit. RMR doesn't put nose heralds on trail units. The GP40-2s (Not the LWs) only lead trains when a wide cab is out for some reason. That's why they don't spend money on big nose heralds when you won't really get to see them clearly, unlike the LWs.

      If you also look at some of the photos that logybear shared above, you'll see that the standard cab units lack the snow covers over the blower intake vents behind the cab.

      Just wanted to get all that off my chest. Call me a rivet counter if you like. Nonetheless, I'm still very excited to see this next branch of the Trainz franchise.
    1. simulatortrain's Avatar
      simulatortrain -
      Quote Originally Posted by chris2001trainz2010 View Post
      If the entire game looks like that GP40-2, better lighting ain't gonna save it.
      Calling it a GP40-2 is kind.
    1. animal71bj's Avatar
      animal71bj -
      Locos and Cars honestly don't bother me much from stock. The aftermarket is great for that. Its the world around it and hows it put together. From the photo it seems to be a good sized step forward. Be cool to see some changes that happening with surveyor. Ground cover looks much better and not painted on as much.
    1. Tony_Hilliam's Avatar
      Tony_Hilliam -
      Ground cover looks much better and not painted on as much.
      Sorry to diappoint you, but this is a marketing shot not an in-game screenshot. Sadly perfect photorealism is not yet within the capabilities of real-time graphics, but we're heading in the right direction.

      Nickrailfan - that is great (constructive) feedback that we can pass on to our artist. Thanks very much.
      I do notice that our model is of a
      GP40-2L. I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes (not my area of expertise).
    1. bolea's Avatar
      bolea -
      Tony, should I ask you if Trainz has built from ground a new sound system and a much more realistic in-game immersion? It would be cool to see actual footage whilst driving, a route with sound from the game. Passing scenes, world editor examples... Well, I can't say that I'm not happy with the editor that comes with Trainz, it's the best thing in the market, step it up guys with some footage because I do wanna go back into this sim, I'm really frustrated with the other payware software available in the market.
    1. mcguirel's Avatar
      mcguirel -
      Quote Originally Posted by casanova419 View Post
      So does that mean Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 is going to pick up were tane left off with the bugs and none working software since released?
      HaHaHaHaHaHa...... Anyone experienced with N3V and their superior craftsmanship as well as the dreadful T:ANE experience during the Pre-Order to current knows FIRST HAND the answer is a BIG FAT "YES SIR" .

      Will never ever buy another product from this pathetic software company that hypes things and yet never delivers a quality sound product even after almost 3 years. Still waiting on SP3 for T:ANE while they are working on another version, PATHETIC. Add to that the click oriented community that exists today and N3V having favorites among the 3rd Party Arena, NO THANK YOU. Top off the pathetic in game routes (with DLS Content from others who worked hard yet unrewarded I might add) that were with T:ANE and oh might I add the tiered conflicts, you would be a fool to rush to buy this. Just wait 6 months till they are forced to drop it down 50% or even better 1 year at 75% off cause their revenue is not meeting expectations due to the people's past experiences.
    1. cascaderailroad's Avatar
      cascaderailroad -
      It must be a tough job to design a video game ... Maybe we should cut them some slack, patiently wait and see, and help them get it right
    1. Tony_Hilliam's Avatar
      Tony_Hilliam -
      Regarding content creation, it's true, we do have favourites. Our favourite content creators are the ones who work together with us to produce great content.

      Rewards are available on an equal basis for everyone who signs up through our Trainz Content Creation Program (contentcreators.trainzportal.com).

      I have no idea what you might be referring to outside of that as I have no knowledge of any intentional bias (which it appears that you are implying?).

      Regarding "non-working software", the demise of N3V Games has been predicted regularly over the past almost 20 years, and yet we're still here. As you can read earlier in this thread, there are many happy customers and many excited by the next installment. Our update schedule is pretty close to that of Microsoft with their Windows 10 software:
      * Win 10 released July 2015, and 5 major releases since then with another due "later this year".
      * TANE, released May 2015, and 6 major releases since then and another due shortly.

      I would say that providing updates is part of the service of software companies these days, and we haven't charged for any of those updates. The number and severity of issues being resolved in each update is decreasing, and the stability and functionality improving each update. It;s true that occasionally there is a set back. These setbacks tend to be specific to one area of the program under a very specific set of circumstances.

      We don't expect everyone to be happy, and we don't expect everyone will jump on board on day 1. What we do expect is that with wider pre-release testing, the myriad of different hardware, content and operational configurations employed by our users will identify any major issues prior to the official release date.

      Historically we would have released a new version of Trainz prior to now and asked our customers to pay for that update. So rather than ignoring our customers, we're doing everything we possibly can to ensure that when we release the next version of Trainz that we have covered as many bases as possible.

      I'm not sure what else we could do beyond having over a thousand people test the product and fixing as many of the issues identified as possible. If we charged more, we would have less customers. If we rework every known system and ensure bug free operation before releasing, we will release in 2030 (except that we wouldn't have any cashflow to pay the staff, so that isn't a feasible option).

      Ultimately, we will do our best. If we do a good job, the product will be well supported. If we don't it won't. And while some will say TANE "didn't work" the numbers speak for themsleves. There are more people playing TANE today than at any time since release 3 years ago.

      */ Rant over
    1. ajrf's Avatar
      ajrf -
      I wonder if won't be tedious to export routes from TS2009 to TRS 2019 once it's released. Not to mention the required specs, looking the graphics will have.
    1. pdkoester's Avatar
      pdkoester -
      Well, looking at that cartoon-ish looking locomotive there, and comparing to what was the locomotive in T:ANE preliminary video, I would say this looks a step backward. If the content is going have the dimensions and looks changed to this style, isn't it kind of like that one on Steam called "Train Fever"?

      Here's my example...

    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Hopefully at the least in TRS2019 we can lock the post processing settings that offer slightly more realistic graphics.

      Other than the "somewhere in Canadian Rockies" route, still waiting to hear what the other routes are. Hopefully - verdict on graphics improvements notwithstanding - these will actually be something that can showcase the new sim and not relics from 2006. TRS2019 needs to be going "one on one" with the latest that DTG are offering, both in their heritage product and TSW - if graphics are the main focus of this release.