• Content Creator - Live Chat

    We aim to provide as much assistance as possible to content creators, especially with configuring content to make use of the new features that become available.

    To this end we're trialing a live chat service where creators can talk in real-time amongst themselves and at certain times of the week with the Trainz Team.

    This is not intended to replace the forums and wiki as we consider those a great source of technical and helpful information.

    The service will be run via the software “https://discordapp.com”. It’s similar to Skype but aimed more at gamers and has some very easy to use features. To get started, register an account (if available you might like to use your MyTrainz username, N3V will be doing this). Once registered, download the application for your operating system and login.

    To join the “content-creation” chat channel all you need to do is click on this link:

    Once in feel free to chat away about any content related topics.

    This communication channel WILL NOT be moderated. If you choose to take part in this service then you have a full understanding of what this means and N3V takes no responsibility for any comments made or information exchanged throughout the chat room.
    N3V will at its own discretion kick and ban accounts.
    We are currently trialling this service for content creators.

    Trainz Team
    The Trainz Team you can speak with are as follows:

    S301 (zec)

    Trainz Team Chat Times
    The current hours that the Trainz Team will be online to chat are as follows:

    09:00am to 10:00am
    04:00pm to 05:00pm

    11:00pm to 00:00am
    06:00am to 07:00am

    06:00pm to 07:00pm
    01:00am to 02:00am

    If you have daylight savings then be sure to take that into account on your end. We don’t in Queensland, Australia so the AEST will always be the same.

    We aim to answer as many Content Creator questions as possible during the time the Trainz Team is online. If your question doesn’t get answered please feel free to continue with it on the other communication channels (forums, support and helpdesk sites), continue your conversation with the other creators in the live chat room for as long as you like or wait till the following week for the Trainz Team to hopefully address it if it isn’t urgent.

    We are also open to suggestions and ideas about this new service so please feel free to tell us your thoughts.
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    1. oknotsen's Avatar
      oknotsen -
      Let's hope those European content creators don't need much sleep (or don't have a day job).
    1. robertjlewis's Avatar
      robertjlewis -
      Quote Originally Posted by oknotsen View Post
      Let's hope those European content creators don't need much sleep (or don't have a day job).
      Being retired doesn't mean I do nothing,but it does give time to do what I find interesting.

      I want to build routes based on some of the branch lines cut by Dr Beeching's plan "the reshaping of Britain's railways" in 1963.
      My current project is the Barnstable branch of the GWR.but I am struggling with the import of Digital Elevation Data from google Earth Pro.
    1. feddersen11's Avatar
      feddersen11 -
      Beim Aufrufen einer Strecke im Menü kommt immer die Aufforderung ,ich habe keine Karte aufgerufen oder gewählt.Gibt es da Abhilfe ?
    1. MNIBARI08's Avatar
      MNIBARI08 -
      I like to say congratulations on discord channel, The UK routes based in Norfolk England are covered and done by me, so any questions do ask at anytime, robertjlewis he " stated he want to build routes based on some of the branch lines cut by Dr Beeching's plan "the reshaping of Britain's railways" in 1963". however I have np with it if he reaches Norfolk area its no go as its my project, that's still active, since 2011. thanks for reading
    1. autismlovesthomas's Avatar
      autismlovesthomas -
      Not sure if I’m in the correct area... my son just created his own train for Trainz the problem is it come up as untitled in the railyard. What are we doing wrong that the name he has given it does not appear? Thanks!!! (The clueless mom!)
    1. oknotsen's Avatar
      oknotsen -
      Either join the chat as mentioned in the opening post or start a topic about it here:
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