• Next round of External Beta Testing commences

    It’s time for another big update on our Trainz A New Era progress and we’re pleased to announce we’re now ready for external Beta Testing of our next update.

    For those of you who receive the weekly newsletter, you’ve seen a number of quick updates on our progress. To find out more about what we’ve been up to for the past 4 months or so (since the last major integration from our development) and how you can become part of the Beta Testing process, click this link here.

    If you'd like to be part of this round of testing, click the link above to access the Beta Registration Form. (We've reset the beta test list so everyone will need to reapply).
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    1. nawlins's Avatar
      nawlins -
      Tony, In my copy of the news letter the beta test "read more" link did not work.

      I followed the link in your previous message to get to the details and application form.

    1. pcas1986's Avatar
      pcas1986 -
      I had the same problem as Nawlins but the job application link worked!
    1. gawpo50's Avatar
      gawpo50 -
      Same here Tony....the "read more" link didn't work for me either.
    1. JackDownUnder's Avatar
      JackDownUnder -
      When may we expect to see the release of the final solution?
    1. jhonperker's Avatar
      jhonperker -
      The information you shared is very useful, I like to copy your some paragraph for people interest. But you did not mention here when the ultimate update coming. You collect information from Apple Support Australia for help, they told you the effective information which will you need to know.
    1. Axeman3813's Avatar
      Axeman3813 -
      Not sure where to post this.

      I have a request; can we get rid of saving multiple default sessions. I only need one. but which one?


    1. clam1952's Avatar
      clam1952 -
      Post in the TRS19 forum....... https://forums.auran.com/trainz/foru...Simulator-2019
    1. Elizabeth74's Avatar
      Elizabeth74 -
      Well there is a meagre possibility of the fact that we can get rid of saving multiple sessions.Still we can hope for the same www.mykfcexperience.com
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    Changing Cars

    The region will appear as an asset in the dependencies.

    In Content Manager:

    Search for your route.
    Right-click on it.

    JCitron Today, 12:18 PM Go to last post

    Content that is Open For Edit

    Yes. I forgot about those cases and they do occur. Justin or one of the guys over at Jointed Rail will tell us to overwrite the assets if necessary.

    JCitron Today, 12:08 PM Go to last post

    Content that is Open For Edit

    It may also be possible, that a creator of an asset on a third party site is making a new version of an asset but is not using kuid2:x:y:1, that is, he

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    Thank you

    Hi John,

    I understand all that the thing I'm having troble with is how do I find the region config.txt file?


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    Changing Cars


    As Lewis said, you need to edit or clone and edit your region config.txt. There are some on the DLS too that you can install and use

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    Content that is Open For Edit

    There are two causes.

    1) You've had a crash and the route you were working on is open along with the temporary files.

    You go

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    UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

    Shunting wagons at the quarry on my rambling GER and affiliated (imaginary) companies layout.

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    Just screenshots without any significance. 1920x1080 Pixel screenshots!!

    Just some Eagle River RR scenes. T:ANE.

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    USA Pics

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    Some of the dependencies are not on DLS, The locomotives & rolling stock for the 30in. gauge is at Subpar productions via Steammachine.com. The rolling

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    Can you tell me what you are missing? The track was from Train zone. Which Route, 600mm(2Ft)., 750mm(30in.), or 1067mm(42in.) gauge route?

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    Thanks for showing us the pics pagroov. Those city scenes are epic!! Well it's summer time and I doubt anyone will be able to stay indoors and work on

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