• New video - Parallax (Height- mapped) Ground Textures

    This week we bring you more examples of height mapping on a range of ground textures. In case you missed our earlier videos, this parallax effect is a distant relative of normal mapping, where the texture includes an additional height channel in addition to the usual XYZ normal information.

    The height information is used to perform simple ray-tracing on the GPU, resulting in some ultra-realistic visuals. To be entirely honest, the technique does have its limitations - you can't simply add it to every asset and expect it to benefit everything equally - but used correctly for example on our terrain system, it can add a lot to the scene.

    For more information on future Trainz development be sure to keep up-to-date at http://www.trainzportal.com.

    All content creators wanting to start to look into the technique will find some initial information on the http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki soon.
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    1. pflindley's Avatar
      pflindley -
      Dear Tony,

      A very impressive development.

    1. kin3's Avatar
      kin3 -
      Been waiting a long time for this. Layouts will just pop with this.
    1. ClintClassic's Avatar
      ClintClassic -
      WOW!!! Plowed fields... that actually look plowed! Mud... after the rains! Quit impressive Tony!!!
    1. ARhian7's Avatar
      ARhian7 -
      Oh my goodness, that is very cool!
    1. dundun92's Avatar
      dundun92 -
      that is sooooooocool!
    1. pdkoester's Avatar
      pdkoester -
      I wonder how much MORE does the recommended hardware slow down? That has to be using more resources.
    1. dundun92's Avatar
      dundun92 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pdkoester View Post
      I wonder how much MORE does the recommended hardware slow down? That has to be using more resources.
      That wont work on my computer....
    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      All this expose of the graphics capability is well and good but... can we bear in mind this is first and foremost a train and railway simulation. It would be good to hear how N3V and the team are planning to address that aspect, in particular where the product lacks behind its competitors. If I had a choice between fuzzy grass or an accurate simulation of vacuum or stepped braking I would take the latter, along with proper built in despatching/signalman, path finding etc. for the player train along with a timetable mode. Not saying we need Run 8 level of physics or the Zusi level of timetable and signalling logic but something between that and where the product is at the moment would be nice.

      Along with fixing the issues in TANE which SP2 HF1 seems to have broken, if that is the base on which the new product is being built...
    1. java23's Avatar
      java23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Vern View Post
      [...]can we bear in mind this is first and foremost a train and railway simulation[...]
      I'm in total agreement with Vern !
      And let's not forget a real catenary system with pants following catenary's height, and improved electric locomotives sounds ...
    1. gds's Avatar
      gds -
      And improvements (fixes) in the procedural track- crossings and slips, complex junctions etc. Currently I have chunks of track with the sleepers missing.
    1. RailFan500CA's Avatar
      RailFan500CA -
      This is very impressive. I think they will get to more accurate simulation soon. Also this will just put Trainz over the top. Keep up the good work. Also I think if a computer had the recommended specs for Trainz 2010 then A computer like that might just maybe run it? I hope it could. Because from the looks of it,I would like it as one of the next.
    1. trainzrule2's Avatar
      trainzrule2 -
      The German glaeserner Zug is coming for Trainz!
    1. philskene's Avatar
      philskene -
      I am impressed. VERY impressed. By this and all the previous videos in this series.
    1. Zeldaboy14's Avatar
      Zeldaboy14 -
      Dear n3v:
      seriously, you guys have outdone yourselves once again. Nvidia really has payed off teaming with you. This is why I support Nvidia and not AMD!
    1. davesnow's Avatar
      davesnow -
      That plowed field looks so real I swear I can smell the dirt!
      This looks fantastic! I was blown away at the interior of that rail bus from the last video and this just looks fantastic! I had no idea that you (N3V) had teamed up with Nividia, that was probably THE best decision ever! It is great to see improvement to the environment of the game. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what the rolling stock and locos will look like, sound like, move like and so on in the game!
    1. ajrf's Avatar
      ajrf -
      WOW! Just amazing. I hope that this don't surpass my computer resources
    1. Mick_Berg's Avatar
      Mick_Berg -
      The only thing I would give up Parallax (Height- mapped) Ground Textures

      for is an AI that worked.

    1. bolea's Avatar
      bolea -
      I do hope that Trainz 2018 gets a very big push and these videos is exactly what it looks like, but there are a lot of idling users like me that we're still hoping for a change in the simulation part (when I left Trainz, trains in curves behaved horrible with some other minor things) and in the sound system, electric trains do still sound horrible, they sound as if they were configured as diesel engines, same goes for steam engines. If this gets improved, I'm really willing to buy the new TRS.

      Have a wonderful new year 2018!
    1. janga213's Avatar
      janga213 -
      Can you help me with my issue with downloading because all i am getting is my trainz account not authorised?