• Blog - Physically Based Shaders in Trainz

    Shaders are mini-programs that take data and manipulate it to change the appearance of the image, such as changing lighting levels, adding special effects and much more.

    One of the more recent advancements in this area is Physically Based Shaders, and these are coming to a version of Trainz in the not-too-distant-future.

    Check out this Blog post for more information.

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      gds -
      Is the main image an in-game screenshot? The ballast looks very three-dimensional.
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      Tony_Hilliam -
      Quote Originally Posted by gds View Post
      Is the main imagine an in-game screenshot? The ballast looks very three-dimensional.
      I agree - it looks 3D

      You'll have to wait a little while to find out more about it.
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      amigacooke -
      It looks like T:ANE was supposed to look like

      It's exciting news, will it require better video cards for the same fps performance?
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      Trainz_12_fan_100 -
      Did you guys get this from Minecraft?
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      EverTrainz -
      As someone that has been wanting this sort of new material update for months (years), virtual tears of joy run down my cheek.
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      ModelerMJ -
      Very impressive. Can't wait to see where this goes.

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      bblake8480 -
      Wait... did your blog post accidentally announce Trainz Railroad Simulator 2018? Or was it announced elsewhere that I haven't noticed yet?
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      CJ187 -
      new lightning too?
      dynamic lights and shadows supported?
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      Roy3b3 -
      Fantastic news!

      Trainz A New Era moves to another New Era.

      I can't wait for this one.

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      Dinorius_Redundicus -
      Is that the same technique used for the 3D ground in Ghost Recon Wildlands? I was blown away by its graphics even if the game itself was a bit 'meh'.
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      Pladroid -
      Does this mean we will be able to have real mirrors, for rear viewing e.t.c.
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      TrainzPlayer14 -
      I know it's probably a bit early to ask, but as amazing as this looks, what kind of impact will it have on PC performance? If it lags NASA's best PC (and it looks like it could) then I'm not certain I'll be able run this.

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      ATSF854 -
      Cool beans. Any alpha texture blending yet?
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      martinvk -
      Another reason to upgrade that old GTX1080. Can't wait to see the first in game examples of this new material being used. They did mention that even many old materials will look much better "... it's possible for us to automatically retrofit the PBR techniques to existing assets ..." so it should not be an all or nothing case.

      Now about TRS2018, was the T:ANE label a one-off and we're now reverting to how they used to be called?
    1. Dinorius_Redundicus's Avatar
      Dinorius_Redundicus -
      After a bit of digging I came across an article by one of the inventors of PBR. I found it much easier to understand than the Andrew Maximov video referred to in the linked Trainz Portal piece.

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      GDennish -
      This is what I've been waiting for in the Trainz series. It's about time! Glad to see PBR will be used in TRS2018, pre-order day one for me!
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      Quote Originally Posted by martinvk View Post
      Another reason to upgrade that old GTX1080. ...
      I wonder if this explains the question about GPUs in the TrainzDev forum? My GTX780Ti is starting to look very ancient although it runs TANE very nicely.

      If I need to buy a couple of the latest Pascal architecture video cards to run TS18/Next/Son of TANE/whatever, then this hobby is going to get very expensive.
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      A content creators dream