• Trainz Model Railroad Official Trailer Released

    Prior to pre-orders beginning in Mid-November, and the PC release on Dec 5th, we're happy to announce the release of the Official Trailer.

    We'd also love to hear what you think about TMR17 from the information provided so far. Please take a moment to complete our quick Survey.
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    1. amigacooke's Avatar
      amigacooke -
      Good to see that N3V have not been idle at any rate. Predictably, I'm interested in the UK routes and will consider buying them when available for TANE.
    1. Vinnie264's Avatar
      Vinnie264 -
      I don't have a point, I have a circle.

      Also, does this include Thai Land Valley?
    1. santafe8643's Avatar
      santafe8643 -
      Keep up the good work, N3V.

      In Mario voice* Lets a go!
    1. MNIBARI08's Avatar
      MNIBARI08 -
      do not get!!!!Trainz Model Railroad 2017

      I do not agree with it NV3 asking trainz users to pre-order this software, when TANE is doing very well SP1 when it should had SP2 SP3 and SP4 as well no more.

      Its early days for it, some Trainz users are having a limit and choosing out of TS12 to TANE and maybe TS2010 and TS2009, not because TSR2017 but some are sticking to the version they have, this is very bad for NV3 to keep upgrading from the basic/Deluxe or Collectors of TANE to TSR2017.

      The TRAINZ users are getting felt up in one tunnel to another so by saying this there will be no TSR2017 its too early as TANE is still a baby. I know by TANE content and how long the software has been out for.

      If this continues there will be questions? and trailer will not help at this present time.
    1. paulhobbs's Avatar
      paulhobbs -
      Another one who doesn't understand what TMR is.

    1. itareus's Avatar
      itareus -
      Quote Originally Posted by MNIBARI08 View Post
      do not get!!!!Trainz Model Railroad 2017

      If this continues there will be questions? and trailer will not help at this present time.
      1) Can you not understand that TMR is a package of model railway routes which can either be added to TANE or bought and installed as a separate item ?

      2) Where will the questions be asked ? Have you contacted your local MP regarding raising the issue in the House of Commons ?

      TANE development continues as might be expected but N3V need revenue to do this - they are a business not a charity. Releases like TMR help them keep going.
    1. JKramer328's Avatar
      JKramer328 -
      Uh ..The link does not work when clicking on the model railroad advertisement
    1. shaneturner12's Avatar
      shaneturner12 -
      Quote Originally Posted by JKramer328 View Post
      Uh ..The link does not work when clicking on the model railroad advertisement
      The links seem to work fine for me (if it's not on this page then the address of the problem page needs to be provided) - try the link right at the top above the image.

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    Thanks fourteen, for yor input. I know absolutley nothing about config files, so wouldn't even try. I'll keep trying. I've been told I have the patience

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    Thanks @GIRAUD, and nice pics

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    Australian screenshots

    I don't know if it's a mistake on N3V's part, but this weekend TANE DELUXE is $6.62AUD and is cheaper than standard TANE. Grab it fast.


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    Show off your reskins!

    Hey via, CBNS wouldn't be hard to do, unfortunately the mesh isn't accurate for it, sorry
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    Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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