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    Prussian Railways

    There was also some WWII route made by romanian author.

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    Prussian Railways

    LOL, thanks for the history lesson. I was stationed in Germany and should have remembered her history a little better. Based on those sources I guess

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    Prussian Railways

    Hi Norm,
    The first thing you need to know is.. what is Prussia?
    It gets a bit complicated, here is a visual explainer of the country..

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    32bit BMP's

    There is no new information on the Trainz Wiki to say that it does now support 32 bit BMP files so I would say probably not - but it is always possible

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    Trainz Commuter Rail stuff

    Well I managed to find Strasburg V2 on an old computer. It has been uploaded. My main goals now are Valley Railroad and Branford Steam.

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    Trainz Commuter Rail stuff

    Ensuring you have legal access is the key when sharing content. The original creator owns the copyright, and so you need their permission to share the

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    Screenshots of European Trains

    I absolutely love these old school polish screenshots, bring me back to Golden Age of Trainz, ten years ago
    Hey, guys, you are the best!

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    USA Pics

    The steam railroad is still a work in progress hopefully it will look better in trainz 2019 but in the meantime, a test freight train led

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    Australian screenshots

    I've had to re-work my Sydney Harbour Bridge tunnels as well as, the pedestrian stairs.

    Also testing double-decker buses across the

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    USA Pics

    Thanks guys. It's TSM Ballast SK3 on the DLS and the track is the high detail track from JR. I use it for the spurs and sidings. My current GPU isn't

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    The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images


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