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    Just some thoughts . . .

    Yup... I've dealt with both in the family and elsewhere.

    Don't you love the MIBMIS Make it bigger; make it smaller crowd? They can pick a

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    Just some thoughts . . .

    I carve granite tombstones for 42 years now. I also do the CAD work. I get people who are so snotty because they want their name 1/8 of an inch higher

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    Just some thoughts . . .

    Wow we share some history here...

    My brother runs a graphics design business, which my dad founded in 1980 after working in Boston for nearly

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    Does a track road spline exist?

    I think there is a way to adjust the offset of the vehicles, meaning whether they drive on the inside or the outside of the road. If I am remembering

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    Just some thoughts . . .

    I vow to never do "chat." I have never done "chat." I would not devote one second of "think time" to anything anyone said

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    Does a track road spline exist?

    Hello Christopher824,

    Thank you for your extra information . I will do some tests using your method.

    In my route I have

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    UK Screenshots (Hi Res Version)

    @edh6 and KotangaGirl, thanks for the excellent M.S.W.J.R. Models.

    @masontaylor, thanks for the Compliment .

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    Screenshots of European Trains

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    Thanks i put tommorow because since im the US it will be friday. And the people who are in Timezones like pagroove in Amsterdam its saturday. BACK TO

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    The Great Lakes Project

    Years later I sill have pieces, but haven't looked at it....a lot of stuff gone.

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    Confused, your birthday is tomorrow but you are turning 13 Saturday? In any case happy birthday! 55 years ago, when I turned 13, my Dad built a Lionel

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    USA Pics

    Hehe, if you thought my container train was impressive take a look at what the grumpy old man put on his Cotton Belt.

    I had

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