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  1. FDL Fond Du Lac For T:ANE

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    FDL Fond Du Lac For T:ANE <kuid:373500:100024> and companion session FDL For T:ANE Basic <kuid:373500:100028> are now available on the DLC.

    These new assets provide a clean port of the Fond du Lac Branch. The basic session contains all the standard settings for the atilaxings, junction links and ASB crossing controls. All track segments and junctions have tested good. The portals are working.

    NOTE: These assets do NOT obsolete their ancestors. If you are running
  2. Update on what has happened to The Southern Shortline and other plans.

    by , Yesterday at 02:18 PM (The Railroads in the Mountains of North Carolina and other Eastern USA States.)
    A While back, my Laptop that the Southern Shortline route was on, Its fans died, I lost the route and all the work i did. But i got a laptop from the same company (MSI- Mircostar International-I Think) that has a better graphics card and more video Memory. I Have been trying to find content but at the time i am writing this i can't b/c of MyTrainz giving my a load of Horse Crap over downloading assets to get downloaded locomotives to work. I will say that i do not have a First Class Ticket (FCT) ...
  3. Galaxy Railways Big One Main Battery Car

    I am wanting to know if anyone has the Main Battery Car for Big One from the show Galaxy Railways and if so can i get it from you?
  4. "Missing" Loco Stuck In Portal

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    Hope someone has the answer to this, I'm tearing out what's left of my hair.

    I ported the FDL Fond Du Lac Branch from 12 (61388) to T:ANE (90945) and have a clean conversion except for the consists in two portals. They contain <kuid:17894:1539> MILW SD40-2, which is faulty and unusable in T:ANE.

    I removed the loco from the consists in 12 and it was no longer in the kuid list in config.txt before the port, yet after the port, there it still was in the portal consists.
  5. Here are the dependencies to the coaches in my last blog

    this is what i am needing help in getting fixed as i do not know how to fix these issues.Click image for larger version. 

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