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  1. Trainz Premium Routes

    New passanger cars are now available on TrainzPremiumRoutes site !

    For more details, please enter http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com

  2. Trainz Premium Routes

  3. Ride the Orient Express

    Have you ever wanted to ride the famous Orient Express? You can shortly on Trainz: A New Era.

  4. FOND DU LAC :11 WIP

    The West Forest Avenue crossing of the West Yard has been bugging me. Yesterday I tried a new approach, creating a second crossing of just the yard tracks with My Level Crossings-3 according to the directions while letting the SOO run on its own as is. Once again, it was all too close and the crossing was activated by cars standing at the adjacent industries and interchanges. Ripped it all out, then had the thought of modifying the My Level Crossings rule to take the minimum clearance down to 6 ...
  5. The thread for missing dependencies

    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    S-2 Truck 70 ton 220,000 lbs 6in 11in 33in wheels is included in Coal Country route (<kuid2:45324:50204:6> in coal_country_extra.cdp, <kuid2:45324:50204:5> in coal_country_rolling_stock.cdp) and Legacy of the Burlington Northern (<kuid2:45324:50204:5> in Extra Dependencies.cdp from version I and in Rolling Stock.cdp from version II).

    all the latest truck updates are also under Freight and Caboose Trucks at jr