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  1. A Problem With My Asset That I Am About To Release

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    This Is The Mesh I Am About TO Release

    But Everytime That I Try To Commit The Asset,It Always Says "unable to load indexed mesh" which bothers me

    Can Someone Atleast Help Me To Fix Theses?

    By The Way,I Use The Latest Build Of TS2012!
  2. Posting from the Office

    But I cant see screenshots. How am I supposed to properly waste time at work now? lul
  3. corona error

    im trying to make an ATLS pedestrian traffic signal, that has a timer, a red hand and white walking man. the "HandRed" corona says "error,
    "timercorona1","timercorona2","timercorona3" has timer conflict with asset kuid "<kuid2:84919:100354>" at delay node 1,2,3.
    can somebody tell me why after "4", the timer numbers"1,2, and 3 dont respond to the delay node?
    thx, jason
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  4. When will the QJ 2-10-2 DLC release?

    Quote Originally Posted by oknotsen View Post
    I hope his new announced content not available means he is busy making his D38's available for TANE as those pieces of payware are also still not in TANE.
    I agree with you

  5. Anyone Interested in working on the N&W J Class, let me know! I may be able to help!

    Hello to anyone wanting to create content of the J class 611. I am located in the same area of it and have real audio of the Deep Mono-tone whistle and the running noises from my video. If you want to have access please message me and I will get back. ,Weatherboy518
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