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  1. Version :6 Work In Progress

    • First thing done was the safety items. The east whistle posts are back in South Amboy - replaced the old wood posts with new type - and the speed limit on the Metalcraft spur.
    • The mileposts were off by 2/10 mile. Ugh. However, they are now prototypically correct and the signals have been renumbered to match. That was one of the two most time-consuming jobs.
    • Converting crossings from ATLS to Attilacrossings was the other major job. Only those in shunting areas were addressed. That

    Updated July 30th, 2020 at 01:51 AM by RHKluckhohn (Additional info.)

  2. LKM V30C Locomotive

    Last Month i cant seek this locomotive in Trainz. but i found on youtube by Trainz new Mania, but unfortunately he has deleted the content. So I rebuilt on my sketchup with a photo v30c in Indonesia.

    as a start I made LKM V30C in indonesia with build number 263002 a.k.a C 300 01

    Attachment 2076Attachment 2077

    and continued with 263001, in indonesia known as "C300 Prototype" and purchased by Deutsch Reichsbahn with number ...
  3. problem with surveyor

    Help !
    recently everytime I try to use surveyor on a route I have been working on it presents me with a plan view only. Where has the normal 3/4 view gone, how do I fix this ?
  4. Live Streaming Other Sims

    I some times live stream Trainz, but today I am doing a big op-session in Run8.

  5. Pytanie dotyczace TRS - UTC, TRS2004, 2006, 9, 12

    Hi, Mam pytanie techniczne. Jak zrzucic wszystkie dodatki do wyzej wymieninych wersji, razem tzn. nie pojedynczo ???
    Pojedynczo zajmie mi to przynajmniej rok. Sadze ze to oczywiste ze szukam prostrzego rozwiazania.
    Za konkretne i sprawdzone podpowiedzi bede bardzo wdzieczny. Pozdrawiam wszystkich milosnikow Trainz.
    Bardzo prosze o ewentualne odpowiedzi na e-mail: dr.radoslaw.n.dziemianowicz@gmail.com
    poniewaz poczte przegladam bardzo czesto, a tutaj jestem ...
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