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  1. Screen breaks

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    Problems with SCREEN when a Train is put on the tracks the screen breaks up this is even worse in Driver any ideas why ? I have a screenshot but don't no how to add it to my post...[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Paul\My Documents\My Pictures/Trainz.BMP[/IMG] I have put in an image insert but I don't think it will work (This break happens even on non custom models)
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  2. Your Custom Menu Screen Tutorial

    by , February 7th, 2012 at 08:42 PM (The Deadliest Kvetch)
    I am assuming that anyone attempting to make a custom menu screen has some type of feature filled graphics manipulation program and is comfortably proficient using it. I use PSP8 myself, but I'm sure that most programs are similar. I bear no responsibility for your project or the outcome, because if you perform the very first step there should be no issues with "breaking your game"!

    The First Step:

    Make yourself a new folder, place it somewhere you will recall ...

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