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  1. Playing with Super elevation

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    I found this if anyone wanted more specific details on superelevation.


    Hi. This Excel spreadsheet can be helpful to try different Superelevation values :

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  2. multiple industry new

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    - I have problem with multiple industry new choice in queues do not appear on my list LIST options .The add table queues are empty .parakalo Help solve the problem
    - The service pack applied automatically to have to do it myself;
    wait to answer my questions
  3. Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

    With the advent of K&L's version of PRR 7002, it dawned on me that a majority of the content in the Railroad Musuem of Pennsylvania has been made, pending some reskins. Currently I'm working on an updated map of the Strasburg & Museum, here's the first screenshots teasing the project! Hope you enjoy

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  4. FDL12 Free Session Uploaded

    FDL12 Free Session has been uploaded and should be available in the next day or so.

    I was overly optimistic about getting rid of the ghost asset -- it still keeps coming back as I work in CMP and CCP is still crashing when I try to look at the kuid table. But the route still seems to work fine.

    The 12 trees are a lot uglier than in 2009. But they do change color.

  5. NOW We Have The Fond Du Lac Branch.

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    DLS advises the Fond Du Lac Branch, three sessions and the HTML file have been posted. The files are:
    FDL12 Fond Du Lac (Route)
    FDL12 Basic Session
    FDL12 Morning Connection
    FDL12 Tuesday: Beat The Clock

    The remaining sessions will follow as I get them updated to 12. With luck, the next couple of weeks.

    If you note that the route is flagged for a missing dependency, no worries, it will still work fine. There's a cross-linked pair of