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  1. Queensland Rail Brisbane Layout

    Afternoon Guys,

    Is anyone working on the Queensland Rail Brisbane Network. I know NormP did Brisbane Roma Street to Kuraby and Kuraby to Robina on the Gold Coast. I love playing these layouts however a bit disappointing a bigger layout hasn't been created
  2. Locomotives and Rolling stock blacked out

    Quote Originally Posted by norfolksouthern37 View Post
    upgrade video hardware drivers and reinstall the content. (you can try just one item and see if it works)
    if that fails turn off hardware texture compression in the settings panel of Content Manager and reinstall the content.
    A great fix for those still using TRS 2010.
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  3. I'm Back!

    I Have A New Computer And I Cannot Wait Until Trainz Finishes Installing!
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  4. FDL12: The Friday Sessions

    The week's work cycle is now complete with the release of
    FDL12 Friday AM
    FDL12 Friday Freight for Fond Du Lac
    FDL12 Friday Home To Horicon
    FDL12 Friday In West Yard

    and the HTML support file FDL12-Messages-Friday. They are all approved and should be on the DLS within hours.

    "Support has ended" for the FDL12 Free Session. It's a holdover from 2009 and the versions of Quickdrive in 12 and T:ANE render it obsolete.

  5. Where Has Jib Been

    So I bounce between Train Sims and other games and real life and even LARPing. Man that's a lot of stuff.

    In the past I used to run and host a 24/7 Run8 server. Well, I'm back at it in Run8 V2. Same group, same fun times:

    Or the discord with is open to anyone to join, regardless of if you play Run8 or not:

    If you are on the fence about Run8, you can also find me ...