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    Well I figured out how to change my location
    Updated January 17th, 2021 at 08:46 PM by Noloplayz (There was a typo)
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    Uhhhhhhhhh ok? I have a trainz series on my yt channel Noloplayz but i donít make those episodes any more tho. However I am currently in The process of a Trainz movie itís taking a while to make. Part 1 could be out in a few days or weeks idk. Do you have a trainz series? I can check it out if u want
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    For help of this sort you would do better to post this on the Forums where it will be generally seen. Most folks don't look here often.

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    A comprehensive and helpful guide.

    Note, however, that it is not necessary to specify the target wagons for loading IF you have wagons that carry the commodity by default.

    In addition, mizi's Industry Link will transport one or more commodities from one MIN to another, so by using multiple MINs in parallel (say at an elevator) more than three inputs can be achieved overall.

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