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  1. Island Railways Route

    by , February 12th, 2012 at 08:58 PM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    This route I have been working on since TS2006 days and is a fictitious island route connected to a mainland by road and rail. It has been updated to TS12.

    (Edit: The route, html asset and session are now on the DLS. Kuids <kuid:186372:100024>, <kuid:186372:100100> and <kuid:186372:100096>. Or look for assets with my id - there's not that many!

    The island is ...

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    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. A wow factor!

    I finnaly cam on the forums today and saw the soon to be released Jointed Rail Bethgon's and C40-8's. Not to mention brand new lumber loads for the centerbeams! Dang... all the new stuff is nice.
  3. merge session into route

    after playing a session on your route how do you merge your sesion into your route.so the trains stay were they are in your session.
  4. i know, I know, skinning

    Quote Originally Posted by Euphod View Post
    No, no "really easy way", not really. Some may say that reskinning with a graphics manipulation program is simple, but it's not "Paintshed" simple. It's rather complicated and time consuming and requires a familiarity with the program tools and techniques if you want your reskin to look like anything in the end. I assume you're using Trainz 12, what graphics program do you have?
    OK, so this is completely new to me, and has nothing to do with the quoted post, but ...
  5. Uphill, Both Ways, in the Snow, -or- Get off my Lawn!

    by , February 11th, 2012 at 01:20 AM (The Deadliest Kvetch)
    Excuse me while I hike my pant's waistband up under my armpits. There, that's better.

    Now then, I notice a few posts on the forum having sport at the restored "station stops" timeline. We all know how useful it can be when trying to help a poster that manages to provide every bit of information about their computer, except what version of Trainz they are using. To make the job even more challenging they have decided to post their problem in the "General Trainz" forum, ...

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