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  1. K&L Trainz Steam Locomotive pics!

    T1 Megapack release date is set for Friday October 9th
  2. Oh the Stupidity of it all

    So there is a post on the forums, I wont say which one, where a user use's "Hell," "Crap" and the three letter word for Butt that starts with an "A." It was posted over 24 hours ago and not once has a moderator changed any thing. But 5 minutes after I used the word "Idiot" I get a mod jumping me for "Swearing and insulting other members."

    1. I called someone an idiot because it was the truth. They where acting like one, so I called them ...
    Trainz Simulator 12
  3. expoter

    Need a exporter from 3dMax 2016 to trainz can any one help.
  4. Trainz A New Era

    Can someone help,

    The second disc of Trainz A New Era will not load so I have no program. Can anyone Help?

  5. Big Indonesian Steam Mallet CC 5019

    My 1st posting this is a number 3 bigger steam locomotive mallet in Indonesian CC 50 ( 2-6-6-0). Click image for larger version. 

Name:	asm1995_20150907_0003.jpg 
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ID:	779 In history it builtn Werkspoor, Holland and SLM Swiss. visit our site to download it www.indonesianheritagetrainz.weebly.com