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  1. Australian screenshots

    Thanks will check it all out when back at home at the weekend = V3 runs real sweet on the new machine - still have a bit of a monitor issue but hoping a new video cable will sort that out soon

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    anybody know where to find kuid368724:4900 seems to needed for the nswgr protrack but not on the dls

    Dave, I downloaded elstoko's Protrack from the DLS to TRS19 a couple of days ago, and found a few missing deps among them. (That kuid no seems to be missing a digit)
  2. London Underground - 1992 Stock progress

    Have been working on the 1992 Stock the past couple of days, really pleased with how it has come out so far!

    Render shot:

    I hope to have to DM body complete by next weekend. Then i'll work on the interior.

    Mind the Gap.

  3. Trainzportu

  4. Trainzportu

  5. Saginaw Sub 2019 Progress

    Been slowly plugging away at my Saginaw Sub rebuild.

    Saginaw Yard is starting to come along:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Coldwater and McGrew yards are 90% done. Just have some tweaking to do:
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    For the most part I am just trying to get grade crossings, yards, signals, and industries in and working before I work on scenery. ...

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    CSX Saginaw Sub Updates
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