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  1. Trainmaster189's Freeware Releases

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    Recent News/Life Update 9/23/2021

    Everyone I would like to let you guys know that I might be taking a break from Trainz or might leave the game for a long while. I just would like to say why I just made this decision.

    First, I recently had to reset my PC after I had problems with it starting up and all of the freeware content I have collected in my game for several years now are gone. I do have a 2 TB external hard drive which I backed up a lot of things, but I should’ve
  2. fixing download content issues

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    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE34: Alias mesh 'rail-flat-bright-0.im' not found in latest version (<kuid2:368725:49000:11>) of dependency <kuid:368725:49000>.
    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE76: Unable to load mesh file: 'rail-flat-bright-0.im'
    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE34: Alias mesh 'rail-flat-bright-1.im' not found in latest version (<kuid2:368725:49000:11>) of dependency <kuid:368725:49000>. ...
  3. LIRR W83 Jaws 3

    Is there anyone out there who takes commissions? I would like for someone to model the LIRR Plow 83W nicknamed jaws 3
    LIRR Snowplow | Lacking snow, the Long Island Railroad's sno… | Flickr
  4. Surveyor 2.0 - Discussion Thread

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    I'm not sure if the surveyor is the right place to ask, but I would like, please, an "IF - ELSE - THEN" stuf in the session edit menu.
    I use an IF .. ELSE .. THEN equivalent all the time in Session Rules using variables. See the first example on the Trainz Wiki page at https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/...ons_(Examples)
  5. collieries where shunters work

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    you know orgreaves colliery? it uses shunters to work on it. can some of you make a colliery that was made for shunters to load the engines. type choo Choo if you want to test out your 0-4-0T/0-6-0Ts on coaling. you can base it on collieries from real life or make it completely freelanced, just make sure to finish it by September 30th 2021.and to maki it compatible for Trainz a new era or older.
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