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  1. TRS 2019 Content...

    One of my favourite moments when creating content for Trainz is when it takes my breath away. It still can.
    So here's a moment I can share. An upcoming project for 2019 without official announcement. But you know anyway what it is . And yes, it's in-game!
    Delivering such amazing content is our mission for 2019 - as real as it gets!

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  2. Need some help with this reskinning error

    Hi, im basically trying to reskin a big boy, but when i try to change the texture, it gives me this error "Couldn't load "bb_main.tga". Only 256 colour, 24 bit and 32bit TGA supported." i tried to change the image to 32 bit and lower, and i use paint.net for reskinning, then it gives me this.
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    If anyone knows how to fix this, then it would be great.
  3. Looking for quality Canadian Steam Locomotives

    So for a while I've been searching for steam locomotives that either have CNR or CPR for a freelance route I'm working on. The ones on DLS keep showing up in red and I can't seem to fix them
  4. CN Trainmaster

    I downloaded the CN Trainmaster loco last year from the Download Station and it worked fine. I had not used this loco since then. Now TS12 lists it in red in the Railyard and does not recognize it. Help?

    FDL Saturday AM Yard Job <KUID:373500:100044> has been approved and should be downloadable within 24 hours.

    It's been tested in SP3 94916 and the latest beta, 97285.

    97285 has blown out Maddy's YARN T Intersections, it seems. There is one on the route which causes a loading error. If you click "Continue" everything runs with no issues, but I've prepared an update to release when HF1 is final anyway.

    Let me know if you find any issues.
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