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  1. FOND DU LAC :8

    Doing some polishing prior to uploading version 8 of the Fond Du Lac branch. Now that TANE SP2 is installed, it's time to migrate from 12 just to see if it works, and see what's needed to repair it (always the optimist!)

    The major changes have minimal operational impact:
    • Moved the East and West Iron Ridge mainline signals to clear the foul points.
    • Gave up on the West Forest St crossing (SOO/West Yard) ATLS installation and reverted it to normal automatic control. ATLS could
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  2. Model Railroading

  3. Problems with dependencies on new locomotives downloaded

    Recently I tried to download and install new locomotives into my TS2009 Trainz simulator. The locomotives would not download or install correctly. I deleted them and tried to update a current locomotive (F40PH #398) and was unsuccessful. because it failed, now all my EMD locomotives in the game are in red! HELP!

    Error: <kuid2:401543:1185:127> is present in multiple locations.
    Error: Asset <kuid:-2:1061910236> does not match the asset database record
    Error: ...

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  4. Issue with installing a thumbnail for my route in Trainz 2009

    I have been searching how I can install thumbnails into my route for Trainz Simulator 2009, but my search results went to tutorials for Trainz 2006 that do not help me and confusing tutorials for 2009. Can someone please explain to me how I can install thumbnails on the route I'm making in the Download Station?
  5. class 421

    i wish trianz have add-on class 421 train. where lots of other country trains. try download from manage content & trainz download station. class 421 have class 37 cab. cab view you see the track inside the cab. try chaning the cab. it still showing class 37 cab. my version tane.i thinking buying ts train simulator 2017. you can buy class 421 add-on. trainz won't make program of uk trains, update transport etc dvd. if they make a dvd. may all items will work. thank you.