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  2. What are Trainz?

    So as many of you know, I am a long time user of this forum. Im not a well known member, but I have been around the block a few times.

    But the last 2-3 years of playing any sort of train sim has been difficult for me. Ill keep this short and do the long story below, but my over all interest in trains and train sims has dropped. I do blame my lack of ability to pursue my interest in model railroading for it a bit. But that said, I do often bounce around between playing different sims ...
  3. Where can I get FEF-3 Union Pacific #844?

    I do not know where to get 844, I do not see it Content Manager. If you own a FEF-3 in Trainz 12, please tell me where to get one.
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. class 421 & 423 (Cig) (uk)

    Quote Originally Posted by musupporter View Post
    have anyone got latest version class 421 & 423 (Cig) (uk) to download.i have not have reply, from last post about this subject. in the past someone wasn't happy that i keep mention this subject. what going on in the world. it not big deal.thank you for your time.
  5. New Tutorial Trainz 2019 for French community

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