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  1. Highland Valley Passenger Project: Day #1

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    Today I begin the Highland Valley Passenger Project, or HVPP for short. This project serves the purpose of increasing the presence of passenger rail in and around the Highland Valley.

    The test train that ran today was numbered Amtrak #6020. The locomotives that will be used for this and all future runs of the train are Amtrak #398 and #399. #398 was involved in a wreck in New York due to some tank cars being parked on the mainline(who even does that?).

  2. Issue with installing a thumbnail for my route in Trainz 2009

    I have been searching how I can install thumbnails into my route for Trainz Simulator 2009, but my search results went to tutorials for Trainz 2006 that do not help me and confusing tutorials for 2009. Can someone please explain to me how I can install thumbnails on the route I'm making in the Download Station?
  3. textures glitch

    i've downloaded some trains, when i see it in railyard, it's black (like shadow/shader problems) if i look closer the textures started to appear, what is the problem with the textures? here is the performances (auran trainz diagnostic) ----------------------------
    Auran Trainz Diagnostic Tool
    Version : 1.1
    Compiled on : Oct 30 2008 12:26:33
    System Information
    Time of this ...
  4. How to change the speed of a train in Trainz 2009?

    I want to go fast really fast, simply put.
    Can some help me.