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  1. Route Romania

  2. Route Romania

  3. Route Romania

    Route Romania v2 , soon to be released (1st of December)

    Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/trainzpremiumroutes/
  4. Nearly a Year

    So here's some updates on stuff. Been on and off working on the Saginaw Sub rebuild. I plan on getting the LSRC portion done enough to operate and sending that off to a few friends to test.

    Im getting a little hung up with grade crossings and CMTM. See, knowing the size of the railroad, as I am going though and laying track I am at least getting all the grade crossings put in. Not all the roads, but at least the ones that will have active automobile tragic over them. The idea being ...
  5. TRS 2019 Content...

    One of my favourite moments when creating content for Trainz is when it takes my breath away. It still can.
    So here's a moment I can share. An upcoming project for 2019 without official announcement. But you know anyway what it is . And yes, it's in-game!
    Delivering such amazing content is our mission for 2019 - as real as it gets!

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