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  1. Canít download free dlc in the Trainz simulator 2 for ipad

    I canít download free dlc on Trainz simulator 2 for my iPad. the error is ďcanít find fileĒ. Does anyone know a solution? Itís really frustrating
  2. Model Railroadz

  3. thanks 2 forum

    Quote Originally Posted by zsuda View Post
    i learned a lot from this forum...
    after playing and merging with routes of other people (mainly philskene), reading many technical advises (e.g. shaneturner, jcitron, mikeaus e.o.) and downing a lot of nice beauties (with favourites as jointed rail, k&l trainz, davesnow, jankvis and much, much more), i started to make my own route(s)...

    i had to change rooms: the little space with modelrailroad to a larger level in my maisonette ...
    so i record the track (roco) like
  4. reskins plus trainz things

  5. Grainy Resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberdongreen View Post
    I use a 4K 40" monitor and T:ANE looks superb.


    Lucky! I run 144hz 1440p and tane looks awesome at ultra but 4K must be freaking sweet!
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