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  1. World Origin Help. Altitude Elevation Setting under Environment Location

    Hello, having problems using the Environment - Location Tab, World Origin Coordinates, me too. (applies to TANE and TRS19, probably TMR17 also, have yet to test it)

    If you are trying to change just the elevation, be advised. As of this writing, the dialog box in Surveyor is broken. Currently the only way to set the Altitude, aka Elevation, is by editing the config.txt of the route.

    To set the altitude of your Route, you will need to set the 'world-origin' script ...

    Updated August 4th, 2020 at 08:07 PM by Christopher824

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  2. Railroad info

    As a retired railroad worker and someone interested in all facets of railroading, both prototype, and model, I have a substantial amount of knowledge and information available to me.

    If you have a question about U.S. railroading please feel free to ask me. Unless it is covered by NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) I will be happy to share what I know or can research.

    The photos show me at Sunnyside Yard, NY with my company van, me running a P-RSL RDC (available from DLC), me ...
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  3. VOVVEN 47 and his posted locos, all have missing dependcies. Recently put on download

    Having trouble with above locos, cannot download one without faults. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Grizz.
  4. Error

    I am making a unstoppable remake in Trainz a new era but some of the downloads that I are not always working. I keep getting a message that says missing dependicies or faulty. and i have no one who plays this to help. Can someone help me?
  5. Version :6 Work In Progress

    • First thing done was the safety items. The east whistle posts are back in South Amboy - replaced the old wood posts with new type - and the speed limit on the Metalcraft spur.
    • The mileposts were off by 2/10 mile. Ugh. However, they are now prototypically correct and the signals have been renumbered to match. That was one of the two most time-consuming jobs.
    • Converting crossings from ATLS to Attilacrossings was the other major job. Only those in shunting areas were addressed. That

    Updated July 30th, 2020 at 01:51 AM by RHKluckhohn (Additional info.)

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