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  1. Ivor in Trainz: Lost? or around?

    so a while back. cog railway 3D released an improved version of the Trainz Ivor the engine. as well as some other things. later Ivor would come to the (Sortta defunct) the Railway works along with some other characters like the steam crane or Juggernaut. even some rolling stock. but has been removed strangely. they're now on Knapford warehouse joining lexi and derek from TTTE. but when i try to download ITE (Ivor the engine) content it 404'd
    does anyone know if there are working download links ...
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  2. When will there be custom avatar's instead of trains

    Since i've joined i thought there would be custom images that you can put on your avatar instead of a train but anyway's i hope that they can add that kind of feature one day
    Trainz Simulator 12
  3. crane

    um, hullo, this is my first time doing one of these, I'm just asking if anyone knows if there's a Trs19 version of the GWR crane 16 or at least a service pack? idk, I just cant get my old one to work.
    dose anyone have the ts19 service pack for gwr crane 16?
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  4. Where on earth can i find leftover/archived content from SI3D or Wilnorwester?

    I'm trying to find some content from defunct Trainz websites... I need some dependencies for an island of Sodor route that has a lot off the main locations (I'E Knapford. Tidmouth ETC)
    If anyone knows where to find them elsewhere with working downloads. Please comment with links to a website down below. That is all. Please find them for me
  5. is it okay to have mstnoodle's models if i just don't redistribute them?

    i have the mstnoodle models from someone on youtube, and i don't know if it's okay if i have them, is that fine if i just dont share them, or should i just remove them from my pc entirely? no i cant download newer models, i only have 2009 world builder edition.
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