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  1. Route Romania

  2. USA Pics

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    If you could share the kuid on that I'd appreciate it.
    Humm, it seems like I've "lost" the original cars (this are my own reskins), the only original stuff I found on my HD is some textures, but the cars are made by simulatortrain, and they were available (if I remember correctly) at Jointed Rail a long time ago.

  3. Trainz Premium Routes

  4. Trainz Master Controller Project

    After found a way to create custom lever which support the electro-pneumatic braking system. Now, I'm trying to make a master controller. I'm using arduino leonardo and potentiometer to control the train lever (Custom Onehandle lever include 5 lvl throttle + 1 neutral + 8 lvl brake + 1 emergence) in CAB Mode. The system is complete, Currently thinking about use 3D Printer for printing the lever.
  5. Problem with TANE

    I am having trouble starting TANE.it coming up as not authorized can some one please help my Build is 78667.
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