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  1. Upcoming Items for Sodor Workshops

    Here are the upcoming items for Sodor Workshops on Christmas. Look at the models and make them on Trainz that look the same as the ones in the videos.
    (To carson08022000, andrewthetankengine, GDennish)
    From these video:

    Thomas the Tank Engine
    Annie & Clarabel
    Express Coaches
  2. "Rar" Files

    I've been trying hard to get the "rar" files of Henry the green engine, and Gordon the big blue express engine on to T-A-N-E.
    How can I get the "rar" files of trains on to T-A-N-E?
  3. Australian screenshots

    Roy, the catenary I am using is available on the DS.
    I think it is called 'Vic Cat' something. It is a pack of 3 different types, of varying track spans.
    They are almost PERFECT for use in Dandenong yard. I will have to make a few custom stanchions for Dandenong Platform 2/3 ... but overall, a fantastic catenary set! Can't remember the author.

  4. Route Romania

    Route Romania v2.0 , soone to be released !

  5. balezino-mosty

    [QUOTE = vi4tor; 1673950] vcera som si stiahnul aktualizáciu tejto hry, ne ukazujem na zle z krizenie peronou cez kolaje nie je mito ako ak som tam netal do com psal mam windows 8.1 dakujem [/ QUOTE]
    Trainz Simulator 12
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