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  2. Southern Shortline & A Few others and Later ideas to come.

    by , December 3rd, 2017 at 06:45 PM (The Railroads in the Mountains of North Carolina and other Eastern USA States.)
    Hello Trainz World, I haven't made a post in a long time now so I decided to make a post about 2 Routes I am working on. The Southern Short Line to Redd Creek and The Sunny Hills Railroad. I have been working on the Southern Shortline to Redd Creek for a little bit and have had a Consist and a Tender become invisible and not able to be removed from the route. However, I will keep working on it. I don't release a route and I have never completed one either but as I have been thinking about the Southern ...

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  3. Content Updates?

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    I take it there is no content update feature in T:ANE like there was in TS12. If there is I can't locate it. If not, does any one know the best way to update obsolete or out of date assets?
  4. Running in T:ANE

    A couple of you have mentioned running FDL in T:ANE successfully. Today I finally got around to downloading FDL12:11 from the DLC to have the experience and see what the route looks like in Build 90945. Downloaded a Hi-Railer for something new to inspect the route with.

    Overall I'm very pleased. I think it looks better than in 12. The ghost trees are not so prominently ghostly although still not really satisfactory. T:ANE runs very smoothly, without the occasional pauses as the graphics
  5. Route Romania

    Version 2.0 of the Route Romania is soon going to be released on http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com/

    150 km added, totalling 425km - real prototypical route .
    Section added - between Rosiori Nord and Craiova (150km)

    Currently the route is 100% ready and the sessions are WIP

    A couple of screenshots: